White Garden

Harland Hand [1922-1998], inspired by the principles of fine art and rock formations in the High Sierra, designed this hillside garden with breathtaking views of San Francisco Bay.

Using concrete, curving lines and dramatic color combinations, Hand created an emotionally evocative space that houses an extraordinary plant collection.

Near the house Hand created a white garden. There was a steep mound with a bench at the bottom, an island opposite, and a pond. Harris added a smaller pond with a waterfall and another concrete bench. Hand's Wisteria floribunda 'Longissima Alba' still dominates the area in the spring. The mound is covered with low-growing silvery and glaucous plants such as Dichondra argentea, Echeveria elegans, and Echeveria 'Topsy Turvy'. A climbing white 'Iceberg' rose winds up a Rebar tree. 'Seafoam" rose cascades down a "dry river" where small plants resembling foam are tucked among the rocks. In the pond float white water lilies. In keeping with Hand's color plan, there are rich red and blue flowers dotting the area. But the overall effect is white.