Ted Kipping's garden on Mount Davidson in San Francisco was designed by Harland Hand in 1985 on a double lot, 100 feet by 50 feet, surrounding a Victorian house. The garden's many microclimates accommodate a wide range of culturally demanding rare plants.

Borrowed views of Victorian buildings and unusual trees and a path into an adjacent city park add to the sense of being in another place and time, when this area of the city was farmland.

The garden may be visited by appointment: Contact Ted Kipping

Ted Kipping is a plantsman, photographer, lecturer, and certified arborist. His photographs have appeared in numerous horticultural journals. Visit Kipping Photo Gallery.

Photos courtesy of (c) Ted Kipping, all rights reserved


For a humorous view of the building of the garden, see:

"Birth of A Nascent" Rock Garden

by Marjory Harris

Reprinted by permission of the Western Chapter of the North American Rock Garden Society, Spring & Summer 1986





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